Social Housing Finance Corporation


1.Open for institutions/ corporations, single proprietorship, partnership and LGUs with qualified partner developers of socialized housing projects.  The borrower or his partner-developer must have a proven record of success in undertaking development of real estate projects and must have track records of at least three (3) years.

2.Validity of prequalification is one (1) year.

3.Project subject of financing must be eligible under the CMP or the HDH Program administered by SHFC.

4.A borrower who will put up at least 5% of the project cost as equity counterpart/contribution shall be preferred over other loan applicants who do not offer a greater amount.


Site Suitability

The project must meet SHFC minimum requirements for site suitability criteria.

Project Size

Project size beyond 10 hectares. shall be subject to the re-evaluation of proponentís resources as to (i) equipment  (ii) manpower (iii) finance.

Title Subject of Collateral

1.The property/ies must be registered under Torrens Title System and should be free from litigations, encumbrances, liens and adverse claims. In case of properties subject of CMP, the obligation shall be annotated as additional encumbrances.

2.If the property is encumbered, the proponent must ensure cancellation of such liability before execution of the loan agreements.  The proponent has sixty (60) days to facilitate the cancellation.

3.The proponent and the landowner shall each assign a project controller who will certify to the validity of the project accomplishment report.

Project Implementation Schedule and Delays in Completion

If for any reason the proponent fails to implement the project per schedule after the initial loan drawdown, except for fortuitous events and reasons of force majeur, the proponent shall pay a commitment charge of 0.5% per month of the succeeding drawdown after 60 days of project stalemate on non-accomplishment based on targeted completion.  The charge shall be deducted from the succeeding loan releases.

In case the proponent fails to avail the succeeding drawdown within six (6) months, all unreleased loan shall be automatically cancelled while the released loan(s) shall be deemed due and demandable.

Contractorís All Risk Insurance

Regardless of project location, vertical works should be insured against allied perils/calamities.  The insurance coverage shall be enforced until such time the project is turned-over to end-user.

10% Retention Fee

A retention fee equivalent to ten percent (10%) of project cost shall be imposed to answer for possible project deficiency/defects and shall be released only after correction of such defects and a certificate of completion and acceptance has been issued by the CA beneficiary. The SHFC shall validate said correction within 15 calendar days from receipt of Certificate of Completion and Acceptance.


The AKPF-DLP shall be utilized for the purpose of Land Acquisition under HDH Program and other socialized housing programs similar thereto, with its commencement reckoned from the time of the issuance of the legal opinion by the Office of the Government Corporate Counsel (OGCC) upholding the validity and lawfulness of such kind of utilization.

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